Liquidity Analytics
for Crypto Professionals

SUN ZU Lab is a leading independent provider of liquidity analysis for investors already active or Crypto curious.

SZL Liquidity Analysis BTC-USD

Enjoy a sample of our latest liquidity analysis! In this report we present an exhaustive bi-monthly quantitative study of liquidity based on publicly available data collected from exchanges worldwide. We look at how metrics like volume, order book distribution, participation, spread, market impact vary across venues and time.

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Over 75 years of experience in Capital Markets

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Liquidity like you’ve never seen it before from 49€/m


We provide data analytics to track liquidity across 90+ established exchanges.


We provide backtesting tools & best execution reports.


Our experts can help you in the scope of bespoke Crypto projects.

Our Core Beliefs

Digital Assets are here to stay

History of traditional assets is a prime guide of things to come in the crypto-economy: convergence is coming

Liquidity and transparency are key
drivers of digital assets adoption

About us

50 + years of experience in Capital Market Electronic Trading & an accomplished experience in a successful Fintech.

SUN ZU Lab was founded in 2020 by the meeting between Vincent Madrenas, a young entrepreneur in the field of FinTech & two Capital Market professionals Stéphane Reverre & Charles Reverchon , each with over 25 years’ international experience working in operational and managerial roles for the CIB divisions of major banks.

We undertake market research, strategic or operational tasks for our clients to bridge digital asset & traditional players : data analysis, regulatory, financial, risk and governance aspects.

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