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Enhancing transparency in crypto markets with quantitative data

We are independent and plugged into the leading trading venues & data providers

Access unprecedented quantitative analytics, save money on your impact costs

Quantitative analytics


  • Trading Venues analytics
  • Single (Multi) asset analytics
  • Pre-Post trade analysis
  • Delta one & Options analytics
  • Index analysis
Quantitative analytics powered through a dashboard


  • Real-time & historical analytics
  • 24/7 uptime and dedicated support
  • 100% customizable interface
  • All quant metrics available
On-demand projects based on Quantitative analytics


  • Assess the pre-trade market depth of your execution provider
  • Benchmark the liquidity of a token or a digital asset
  • Assess the capacity of your trading strategy
  • Assess the liquidity of an index…

We help the crypto industry leverage off-chain data

Whether you are a Hedge Fund, Asset Manager, Broker, Index Sponsor or ETF Provider, Data Vendor or Financial Institution, discover how we can help you optimize your strategies.


Assess the robustness and resilience of your order book


As an exchange, you want to carefully monitor your order book's dynamics to provide investors with the best opportunities. But are you getting the information you need? Do you have good analytics to follow a real-time view of liquidity, including in periods of high volatility? Do you properly benchmark or clearly understand its resilience under fast market conditions?


Liquidity, bid-ask spreads, and volatility are highly correlated. The more liquidity you provide, especially in periods of volatility, the more investors will turn to you, regardless of the commission level. Our liquidity analytics can help you determine whether your order book stands robust on its own and compared to key competitors. You are better equipped to serve existing investors and attract new ones with a clear and demonstrable value proposition.

" Our mission is to deliver our customers the tightest spread and the more profound order book. SUN ZU Lab helped us with an in-depth analysis of our order book to assess its dynamics and robustness under stress. It helped us tremendously in our business endeavors. "Tier 2 exchange

Check out our use cases

Assess the robustness and resilience of your order book

Check out our use cases

How we work

We collect

5+ Bn

data collected/day

We are plugged to 35+ crypo liquidity venues and data providers to aggregate off-chain data

30+ K

instruments collected

We handle all major instruments: spot, futures, options…

We analyze


quantitative indicators computed in real -time

We update all our data in real time to create useful indicators


years of experience in quantitative finance

SUN ZU Lab gathers seasoned professionals coming from the finance industry: capital markets, electronic trading or crypto companies.

We distribute


quantitative reports automatically produced

We produce insightful reports based on live and historical data

10+ K

potential users

Our solutions are designed for any crypto professionals: Hedge Fund, Asset Manager, Broker, Index or ETF Provider, Data Vendor or Financial Institutions

Our Values

The Cryptocurrency Market needs quantitative information that is reliable, transparent and free of conflict of interest.

SUN ZU Lab aims to become the undisputed independent reference provider of Liquidity Analysis in the Crypto space.

Consequently, Independence, Excellence and Transparency are the 3 pillars that shape our DNA.

About us

75+ years of experience in Capital Market Electronic Trading & an accomplished experience in a successful Fintech.

SUN ZU Lab team

SUN ZU Lab was founded in 2020 by a partnership between Vincent Madrenas, a young entrepreneur in the field of FinTech & two Capital Market professionals, Stéphane Reverre & Charles Reverchon, each with over 25 years of international experience working in operational and managerial roles for the CIB divisions of major banks.

Quantitative analytics and order book distribution by SUN ZU Lab

We undertake market research and strategic or operational tasks for our clients to bridge digital assets & traditional players: data analysis, regulatory, financial, risk, and governance aspects.

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