About SUN ZU Lab

SUN ZU Lab is a leading independent provider of liquidity analytics designed for Crypto Professionals

Our vision, our mission

Our vision, our mission

Digital Assets are here to stay.

History of traditional assets is a prime guide of things to come in the crypto-economy and convergence is coming. But, today, the crypto market still remains a jungle.


Our mission is to bring more transparency to the booming crypto-sphere via unprecedented analytics solutions.


We are here to help all crypto professionals optimize their strategies and save money on their trading costs.


Management team

SUN ZU Lab was founded in 2020 by professionals who collectively have 75+ years of experience on international capital markets.


The company gathers now a group of 15+ experts in their fields and is rapidly growing!

" Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. " Confucius

Stéphane Reverre

Co-Founder & CEO

" A leader leads by example, not by force... " Sun Tzu

Vincent Madrenas

Co-founder & COO

" If you can dream it, you can do it. " Walt Disney

Sylvie Chevillon


Core team

Gerry Agbobada

Senior Software Engineer

Maxime Garcia

Quantitative Analyst

Arthur Serge

Quantitative Analyst

Timothée Fabre

Quantitative Analyst (Phd Student)

Florent Caspar

Software Engineer

Amine Mounazil

Financial Analyst


S. Forte

Co-founder & CEO of SESAMm

P. Sidhu

Managing Director at BTIG

S. Choukroun

Senior Blockchain Consultant

S. Laruelle

Financial mathematics academic

C. Reverchon

Senior Banker

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